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Regional Sales Manager (4)


1, responsible for the company's domestic photovoltaic panels, solar PV modules, solar photovoltaic grid connected power generation systems and municipal units of customer development, sales, maintenance;

2, the implementation of the implementation of the regional market management, to promote the company's products in charge of the region, providing marketing services, to achieve sales targets.

3, with strong customer communication skills and high business skills, with a certain degree of market insight, analysis ability and good team spirit.

4, can travel, carry out regional sales process and take charge as chief of the work.

Job requirements:

1, college degree or above, solar photovoltaic industry, engineering, electrical and marketing related major;

2, the above marketing project management and implementation experience is preferred; with engineering direct sales, direct sales and direct sales experience. At least 2 years relevant sales experience

3, with a wealth of customer resources and customer relationships, interpersonal communication, entertainment and public relations ability, have a certain relationship is preferred;

4, good team cooperation, coordination and communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, very reliable, long-term stability;

5, strong learning ability, challenging spirit, able to work under pressure, work hard and hard work, dedication and strong sense of responsibility, skilled use of OFFICE office software, driving license is preferred.

Company benefits:

1, for employees to pay five insurance (medical, pension, unemployment, work injury and maternity).

In 2, the statutory holiday companies pay holiday fee;

3, the company has a good and standard salary system and sales policy, the new year award.

4, the company pays attention to staff training, internal promotion platform is broad, with good industry prospects and career development channel.