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Nanjing Thai sun Photoelectric Technology Co. Ltd. in the talent competition from the interview segments at a disadvantage, only the human resources department in the recruitment work! There is no scientific evaluation standard (competency) and evaluation method! There is no systematic training of the interviewer in the introduction of a large number of unqualified personnel, resulting in direct and indirect economic losses! Help managers to establish the correct concept of talent selection, through the implementation of efficient recruitment skills and professional interview skills to help companies quickly recruit suitable talent.

The first element, the concept of recruitment interview - the concept of the decision, the results of the behavior of consciousness!

Hiring managers to establish correct consciousness and concept, correctly treat the recruitment; starting from the recruitment problems, using the research methods of action learning, let the managers on analysis of factors affecting the quality of recruitment, export system to improve the quality of hiring key elements. Recruitment must support the enterprise strategy and enterprise human resources planning, the establishment of the recruitment system operation process, the selection of recruitment channels. The role of excellent managers in recruitment, clear responsibilities and tasks in the recruitment, and the main tasks and requirements.

Second elements, the standard of employment is clear -- the cornerstone of the system to improve the quality of recruitment

According to the standard of talent selection, this paper derives the competency and its application in the job interview. It helps managers to define the standard of employment and the related items, thus laying the foundation for the accurate identification of talents. The real standard for personnel selection competency, the competency model for construction enterprise recruitment and selection, two post evaluation factors and standards to determine, determine the two premise and main contents of post evaluation factors should be considered, clear job employment standards and elements.

The third factor, the talent selection tool -- the "sword of Bole""

The correct use of scientific methods and tools can help managers to identify talent effectively, reduce the risk of employment; can use structured interviews, the use of behavioral interviews, to grasp the efficient situational interview method.

First of all, the design and use of structured interview, do the interview procedures and time schedule structured interview structured interview questions design evaluation elements, structured interview structured interview, standard for evaluation, the examiner structured interview exam preparation and layout structure.

Secondly, design and standardize the content of structured interview. Determine the interview evaluation elements, write the detailed definition of the elements, the design of the various elements of the problem, determine the elements of the target value and weight, the preparation of structured interview score table. Thirdly, the implementation steps of structured interview. To achieve the requirements of the preparation stage of the structured interview, the introduction of the interview stage interview requirements and methods, the formal interview stage of the interview requirements and methods, interview confirmation stage of the assessment requirements and skills.

Finally, the nuclear rules and decision making in structured interview. The use of key behavioral interview, master the basic theory and key points of behavioral interview, can't complete STAR and sham STAR, candidates according to the behavior analysis of quality problems, grasp the behavior design requirements and skills. Finally, the design and use of scenario simulation interview. Understand the characteristics of the scene simulation interview method, the use of document basket processing method, the use of leaderless group discussion method, training group technology key activities. To master the standard action and steps of group technology, and to design the group activity plan. Appropriate selection and use of psychometric tools. The application of psychological test to the selection of talents, master cartel 16PF and the four types of temperament theory.

Fourth elements, the implementation of efficient interview - professional interview skills training

To observe the candidate's demeanor in the interview, listening and feedback better, appropriate questions, and more candidates understand the real situation, improve the interview quality.

A look: learn to observe, to understand the content and focus of the interview observation, grasp the skills of the candidates lie and body language decoding skills.

Good at listening to the news: two. The interviewer should be good at listening, master the effective listening skills, mining candidates more information, to avoid common mistakes in listening.

Three to ask, make good use of questions. Design and use of introductory questions, design and use of behavioral problems, design and use of intelligence problems, design and use of motivational problems, design and use of stress problems.

Four to cut: in-depth inquiry. By questioning the validity of information, grasping the timing and methods of questioning, analyzing the authenticity of information.

Fifth elements, efficient hunting talent - manager of the art of bole"

The traditional method of recruitment has been difficult to recruit talent management enterprise needs, combined with the needs of enterprises, fast locking and hunting target candidates, talent hunting technology has become a basic skill, excellent management talent management. First, we must learn to recruit recruiters, two to efficiently hunt for talent requirements and characteristics, to grasp the high efficiency of the hunt for the four major steps of the three.

First of all, clear demand, lock the target, recruit people, assess the source of demand, the use of demand collection methods, define the source of the target candidate, and secondly, the recruitment channels, multi pronged approach, the establishment of talent pool. Choose and make good use of recruitment channels, the classification of common channels, the effective implementation of internal recommendations, the use of fixed-point hunting techniques,Define the source of the target candidates, followed by the recruitment channels, multi pronged approach, the establishment of talent pool. Choose and make good use of recruitment channels, classification and comparison of common channels, the implementation of internal recommendations, the use of fixed-point hunting techniques and tools to improve the quality and efficiency of headhunting recruitment.

Again, the implementation of double standards: grasp the quality and efficiency of the efficient screening interview, for better resume, by telephone interview by telephone interview candidates locked, attract people attended the interview, improve interview efficiency, finally, persuasion and attract the target candidates, to grasp the business key. To attract candidates in the way and planning, shaping the employer brand, do a good job in the follow-up and management.