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The advantages of wind solar street lamp

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Scenery complementary lamps using high performance large capacity maintenance free lead-acid batteries, as the scenery complementary lamps provide adequate power, ensure the rainy days LED scenery complementary street light lighting time, greatly enhance the stability of the system. Here are the main advantages:

Energy saving and emission reduction, environmental protection, no large amount of electricity consumption in the late period; resource-saving and environment-friendly society is becoming a trend. Compared with the traditional street lamps, scenery complementary lamps with natural renewable solar and wind energy, no consumption of non renewable energy, no emissions of polluting gases into the atmosphere, resulting in pollution emissions reduced to zero. For a long time, the protection of the environment is self-evident, but also eliminates the cost of a large number of electricity charges late.

Remove cable line engineering, without a lot of power supply facilities; electric lighting engineering procedures complex, trench excavation laying underground pipe, pipe threading, backfilling of foundation engineering, a lot of artificial needs; at the same time, transformers, power distribution cabinets, power distribution board of large quantities of electrical equipment, but also to spend a lot of money. Wind and light complementary street lamp will not, each street lamp is a separate individual, no cable, no large quantities of electrical equipment, manpower and financial resources.

Individual damage does not affect the overall situation, is not affected by the blackout effect; because the conventional street lamp is the cable connection, probably because the individual problems, and the influence of the power supply system; photovoltaic lamp will not happen. Distributed independent power generation system, the individual damage will not affect the normal operation of other street lights, even if a large area blackout, it will not affect the lighting, the loss of control can be greatly reduced.

Save a lot of cable overhead, more from the loss of cable theft; less popular in the remote areas of the installation of street lamps, stringing installation costs, and there will be serious theft. Once stolen, affecting the entire power output, a huge loss. The use of wind and solar complementary street lamp will not have this concern, each street lamp independence, remove the cable connection, even if the occurrence of theft will not affect the normal operation of other street lights, the loss to a minimum.

Intelligent control, without manual operation, simple construction, convenient maintenance; scenery complementary lamps controlled by the intelligent controller, it can be divided into two kinds of automatic control, light control, both the safety and economy of the power supply system; its independent development, not by the large area circuit construction disturbance, simple process, short construction period, maintenance more convenient.

City Lighting; energy system as a new, to a certain role in the stability of the lighting at the same time, saving the cost and improving the system, in the traditional energy occupy most of the market today, the new energy will undoubtedly become a major highlight of the city and community.

To improve people's awareness of energy conservation, the lack of traditional energy and environmental pollution has reached the point where we must solve. Global air pollution is very serious, the use of new energy sources can effectively improve people's awareness of energy saving, make our life more high-quality and energy saving.

The scenery complementary street lamp is an intelligent street lamp powered by wind energy and solar energy. The utility model has the advantages of both wind power generation and solar power generation, and provides a stable power supply for the urban street lamp.


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