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Installation of solar photovoltaic system attention

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Today, Nanjing Thai sun Guo big power off as we explain some matters needing attention when installing a solar photovoltaic system:

Roof type and roof conditions

Identify the roof: on the roof must first have a very intuitive judgment, the roof type is identified, is a flat roof or roof, or metal roof, and the roof structure is concrete, ceramic tile, terracotta or whole material exposed.

Roof construction conditions

1 the use of the area: first judge how many of the available area of the roof, because the area directly determines the installed capacity of photovoltaic systems. Second, the direction of the roof, the roof is better to the south, because we are in the northern hemisphere, when the south is the highest power generation, the best solar radiation. Can also be slightly east or west, usually within a few degrees or 10 degrees or so, you can control the loss of power generation in less than 1% acceptable.

2 occlusion: occlusion of the solar power generation system is very critical, including shelter shelter, there are no tall buildings around the trees have an impact on the lighting

3 waterproof: to determine the roof of the waterproof conditions is to see whether the roof is very good waterproof layer, light if the building is not a good waterproof system, the life cycle may not meet the use of the roof.

4 edition, anti-corrosion is the basic requirements of the roof: the type of metal roof can not be installed to determine the first, anti-corrosion is to pay attention to the anti-corrosion effect of anti-corrosion metal roof.

5 bearing, photovoltaic system to be built on the roof, if the roof carrying capacity can not meet the PV construction, the project is not established.

PV system safety and construction safety, which includes fire, lightning protection and maintenance of the passage, to do all the contact points to effective protection. Lightning protection and lightning protection to form a building, maintenance of the passage is to repair the security, we must reserve good.

Two, slope roof photovoltaic system installed battery board skills

1, the roof tiles on the roof of the roof as a decorative material, the battery is hanging on the roof. How is it hanging?

When selecting the structure, there are two characteristics for the installation mode: 1. The PV module is mainly used for the installation of the slope. Photovoltaic array relative to the roof support uses parallel laying steel embedded parts of dot fixed beam;

2. The vertical distance between the PV module and the roof installed along the slope bracket can meet the requirements of installation and ventilation gap (the distance is 150~200mm).

Bracket installation should pay attention to batten and well connected to the fixed pad. The second is a horizontal tile form, because here is the concrete paste in the terracotta tiles, not smooth, only through the concrete. As a new kind of material, the roof of linoleum tile has been applied more and more, because the tile will be taken down again, and the water will not be controlled well. So, the way is connected and fixed point can increase the connection position, shingle with a certain thickness, so that the formation of a certain space, fixed fixed before and after use to sealant fills it well, avoid the hidden trouble of Water Leakage.

Three, flat roof photovoltaic system waterproof layer is very important

Flat roof structure selection can be based on the actual completion of the roof to choose the appropriate support system. Support system is generally composed of column, foundation, beam and beam of four parts. The battery assembly is connected with the cross beam by a fastener. (weight: 0.35~0.50kN/ m)

Installation dip angle: the angle of inclination of the bracket is calculated by the angle of the maximum value of the total annual generating capacity (theoretical calculation value);

Common building structure: cast-in-place concrete frame and floor, steel structure + cast-in-place concrete floor, masonry structure + precast floor;

Common roof finish: waterproofing membrane, cement mortar protective layer, ceramic tile.

Cast in situ concrete frame with mud mortar protection layer. This program is integrated with the overall planning of the building structure, can be synchronized planning, simultaneous design and construction. This is a good way to install, because it is completed after the completion of the project can be used to predict the power consumption is very targeted to determine the size of the machine, to achieve the best results of inputs.

Waterproof coiled material has been exposed, but has been used on the basis of the waterproof coil installation of photovoltaic stent. The difference between it and the first, just that program waterproof roll has been protected by concrete, the service life is very long, waterproof effect is very ideal. This program is exposed to the coil, it is possible that there will be water damage or water life can not meet the time, you can replace the waterproof layer. Because it has been reserved for the foundation, and the roof is one of the water, not related to the removal of photovoltaic panels, each directly on the line.

This program is this is the third category, just belong to the pouring concrete form. In existing buildings, it is very easy to see. The roof is waterproof and protective, but it does not consider the installation of photovoltaic systems. The first is the outer surface of the concrete protective layer, the following is affixed to the roof tiles. These two types of installation is the balance of the foundation with the support, this installation method to find other places to re calculate the load, it is relatively simple to achieve.

The installation method of the mating block is directly installed on the waterproof coiled material. If the waterproof layer is damaged and the waterproof layer needs to be replaced, the photovoltaic support system will also be affected.


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