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2016 Christmas program

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  Christmas in 2016 is about to come, and whether we are also the same as the small look forward to it? Do you have any plans for Christmas? I believe there are many companies will hold some interesting activities to celebrate christmas. Today Xiaobian to share with you a 2016 company Christmas program, I hope you like.



2016 Christmas program

First, the purpose of the event: I hope that through this event, to create a unity upward, vibrant and beautiful atmosphere. This is a new and old staff exchange party. With this great affinity of the exchange, the company's staff to provide an exchange platform, thus forming a strong cohesion, while providing a new staff to show their talent beautiful stage.

Two, activity time: December 23, 2016 14:00-17:00

Three theme: celebrate Christmas Eve, tacit big test

Four, activity location: Company Hall

Five, participants: all members of the company

Six, scene layout

The company set up the door hung lights: a 1.5 meters tall (or Christmas ornaments) Christmas tree. The door is surrounded by green vines.

Content: with the relaxed joy "Jingle Bells" music activities. Host to the opening remarks (leadership speech), the first to mobilize everyone mood. Then, play booking songs, the atmosphere slowly warming, driven by other people's enthusiasm.

Great test of tacit understanding. A total of 8 groups, a total of 40 people, in which the group and the group choose to each other PK, the loss of a group to be punished by the winning group to provide what kind of punishment. Registration to participate in the proposed men and women with a great test of the tacit understanding.

Is divided into three parts, the first part: the heart. One uses body language to describe words, and the other guesses words. Right to add a point, not plus points. A total of 30 words, with a time of 10 minutes, the score is high.

The second part: tacit comparison. Moderator for both sides of the AB issue, the two sides at the same time to write the answer on the paper, a total of 40 questions, the two were answered, the same score, the score is higher than the 20.

The third link: to tide over difficulties. Role play, a man "blind", a "lame"". "Blind" need to carry the "lame" to bypass the pre prepared obstacles, and to complete the assigned task, to reach the destination, with the least time to win.


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