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Advantages and disadvantages of solar energy

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(1) general: the sun shines the earth, no geographical restrictions, whether land or sea, regardless of the mountains or islands, there are always available, and use direct development to facilitate the acquisition, without exploitation and transportation.

(2) harmless: the development and utilization of solar energy will not pollute the environment, it is one of the most clean energy, environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious today, this is extremely valuable.

(3) huge: the annual solar radiation reaching the earth's surface is about the equivalent of about 130 trillion tons of coal, which is the largest energy available in the world today.

(4) for a long time: according to estimates produced by the sun energy rate, amount of hydrogen storage sufficient to maintain the billions of years, and the life of the earth is about billions of years, in this sense, we can say the sun's energy is inexhaustible.


(1) dispersion: the total amount of solar radiation reaching the earth's surface is large, but the energy density is low. On average, near the Tropic of cancer, the weather is fine in the summer, the maximum irradiance of solar radiation at noon, in the direction perpendicular to the sun area of 1 square meters of the solar energy received on average is about 1000W; if the year average day and night, only about 200W. In winter, only about half of the cloudy day is generally only about 1/5, so that the energy flow density is very low. Therefore, in the use of solar energy, want to get a certain conversion power, often require a large area of a collection and conversion equipment, higher cost.

(2) stability: as a result of the day and night, season, geographic latitude and altitude and other natural conditions and sunny, cloudy, rain clouds and other random factors, so, at a certain ground-based solar irradiance is interrupted, it is also extremely unstable, increasing the difficulty of large-scale application too Yang energy. In order to make solar energy as a continuous, stable energy, and ultimately be able to compete with conventional energy sources of alternative energy sources, it is necessary to solve the storage problem, namely the sunny day the sun radiant energy stored up as far as possible, and for the night or rainy days, but the energy storage is one of the weak links in the utilization of solar energy.

(3) low efficiency and high cost: the level of development of solar energy utilization, some aspects of the theory is feasible, technically mature. However, some of the solar energy utilization devices, because of low efficiency, high cost, and now the laboratory utilization efficiency is not more than 30%, in general, the economy can not compete with conventional energy. In the next period of time, the further development of solar energy utilization is mainly restricted by economy.

(4) solar panel pollution: at this stage, the solar panels have a certain life, generally 3-5 years will need to change a solar panel, solar panels and replaced by nature is very difficult to decompose, caused considerable pollution.


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