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How to choose solar road lamp controller

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The continuous development of society, technological innovation, the increasing demands of people, more and more people love the use of renewable energy, such as solar energy, it is green, safe and clean is an especially popular renewable resources, new energy and development, which is recognized by the world. The old street lamp uses the traditional electric power supply high voltage, to a large number of cable laying, trench, need a lot of manpower resources is not laying, waste, mining cable channel would affect other pipeline safety, so the installation cost is greatly increased, the associated maintenance costs also increased. On the contrary the solar street lamp opposite, does not require the laying of cables, based only need a street lamp, street lamps installed to reduce a lot of cost, need not only need electricity, solar energy, so, save manpower and material resources, but also eliminates the need for electricity. Thus, solar street lamps can be used in roads, squares, parks, factories, parks, etc.. Solar energy is a valuable renewable resource. In order to make reasonable and efficient use of solar energy, solar street lamps need to install a solar street lamp controller. Now there are a variety of materials on the market of solar street lamp controller, the material is different, the conversion of the sun into the required energy utilization is not the same, so we should choose a good product according to demand.

The basic system of photovoltaic solar road lamp controller used in the vast majority of the solar energy, it is full of solar charge controller, it is up to the solar panels and batteries coordinated super work load, it plays a very important role in the photovoltaic system. It makes the whole system of solar energy efficient and safe operation.

Solar road lamp controller is mainly used for home, business area, factory area, traffic area, animal husbandry, communication and other solar power supply system. As solar street lamp controller should have the following basic functions include: overload protection, short-circuit protection circuit board, reverse discharge protection, electrode reverse polarity protection, lightning protection lightning protection, pressure and undervoltage protection, overcharge protection and load recovery boot settings.

Solar road lamp controller selection of the main points:

A: first of all should try to choose a lower energy consumption controller, controller bit 24 hours of continuous work, such as its own consumption function is larger, more will be part of the electric energy consumption choice, the best power consumption at 1 Ma under the streetlight controller.

Two: second, we must choose to charge efficient controller, especially in the winter or not enough light season, charging mode is about 30% higher than the general efficiency.

Three: once again, should choose to have more than one circuit and a controller to regulate the power function, now has the function of regulating the power controller has been multiple promotion, especially in the dark period can be self closing few pedestrians one or several road lighting, to save electricity.


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