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Solar controller principle

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The application of solar energy in our daily life has become more and more, then the solar controller is how to work, how to achieve the conversion of sunlight into a solar energy.



The principle of solar controller is as follows: solar panels belong to photovoltaic equipment (the main part of the semiconductor material), it occurs after the photoelectric effect of light generated current. Because of the properties and limitations of materials and light, the current generation is fluctuant curve, if the direct current charge generated in the accumulator or direct supply to the load, it is likely to cause serious damage to the battery and the load, reduce their life. Therefore, we must take the current into the first solar controller, using a series of special chip circuit of the digital modulation, and add multiple charge and discharge protection, ensure that the battery and the load operation safety and service life.

When the load power supply, but also to allow the battery to flow into the solar controller, after its adjustment, and then the current into the load. The purpose of this is: first, in order to stabilize the discharge current; two is to ensure that the battery is not over discharge; the three is to load and battery for a series of monitoring and protection.


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