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Common faults of solar controller

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Installation and precautions of solar energy controller

1 open the package and place it in a suitable position (avoid direct sunlight and moisture).

2 please connect the battery lead (for the automatic recognition function, and error free) controller to complete the identification process (a level indicator indicates the battery again even after) solar panels in the lead, finally shut down load connected to the load line. Note: in order to use your safety, please don't make too much of the load or the solar panels will add too large; with a power supply machine instead of solar battery. Please remove the solar panel, charging current is not too large. Please pay attention to the positive and negative poles of the battery.

Common faults of solar controller

1 load does not work:

During the day, the controller has light control.

Insufficient battery power.

Wiring is correct.

Remove all the lines and repeat the installation process, so that the controller can be identified.

2 can be used for a few days and a few days will not work:

Incorrect connection of solar cells.

Solar cells are not connected well.

3 can not control light:

Incorrect connection of solar cells.

Do not set this function, please reset.

4 boot on the work, can not light control can not control:

Do not set this function, please reset.

Solar panels are strong enough for the environment.

5 work instructions flashing non-stop.

Load short circuit or overload.


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