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Solar portable lamp

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Solar portable lamp, solar panels used to charge the battery, when the light is sufficient, the solar panels in the light, resulting in current and voltage, charging the battery. Battery output power to load.

Function introduction

1 home lighting, outdoor camping, Mongolia bags, tents, driver driving and other outdoor and indoor lighting. Night lighting is essential.

2 rugged, economical and practical, high tech environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction.

3 light intensity is divided into stalls 1, 2. The illumination time is 1 stalls for 8 hours, the 2 file 10 hours.

4 charging mode using solar charging, household power charging two modes.

5 warranty period: one year replacement.

Application scope

Home lighting, outdoor camping, Mongolia bag, tent. Night lighting is essential.

Matters needing attention

1 shall not be immersed in corrosive liquids, which will damage the product.

2 do not use sharp objects scratch the surface of solar panels.

3 please put the solar panel in direct sunlight to ensure the best photoelectric conversion effect.

4 non professional, can not open the case, so as to avoid danger.



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