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A case study of the Wuxi City solar panel

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Solar energy is a lot of energy, and now there are a lot of people want to use this energy, can replace the use of electricity, and single crystal solar panels can also be used in many other areas.

User solar power

(1) the small power ranging from 10-100W, used in remote areas without electricity, such as plateau Island, pastoral areas, border posts and other military and civilian living electricity, such as lighting televisiontape recorders; (2) 3-5KW family roof grid connected power system; (3) photovoltaic pump: solve the areas without electricity deep wells for drinking and irrigation.

Two, transportation field

Such as beacon lights, traffic lights, traffic warning / railway / sign lamp, street lamp, high-altitude obstacle lamp, Yu Xiang highway / railway wireless telephone booth unattended power station etc..

Three, communications / communications field

Solar unattended microwave relay station, optical cable maintenance station, broadcast / communication / paging power supply system; rural carrier telephone photovoltaic system, small communication machine, soldier GPS power supply, etc..

Four, oil, marine, meteorological field

Cathodic protection solar power supply system for oil pipeline and reservoir gate, life and emergency power supply for oil drilling platform, marine detection equipment, meteorological / hydrological observation equipment, etc..

Five, home lamp power

Such as the courtyard lamp, street lamp, portable lamp, camping lamp, lamp, lamp, fishing and climbing a black light lamp, tapping lamps, energy saving lamps.

Polycrystalline solar panel assembly is very complete, so you want to make good use of solar energy, you need such a good equipment, not only very efficient, installation services are also completed together, while providing preferential prices.


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