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Suzhou new macro solar panel case

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The use of solar energy was realized long ago. However, because of various factors have not been able to spread in our country. The main reason is because the cost of solar photovoltaic power generation system is too high, most people do not want to pay to install solar photovoltaic system.

Solar energy storage and the combination of the most pressing problems, is the high cost of energy storage technology, and regulatory aspects of the disorder, but other problems after the formation of scale, may also affect the development of the market, especially when we don't anticipate and prepare for the case. Including the present stage can foresee problems: because the installation quality is low and the influence of reputation (suggested by the establishment of industry standard, and the implementation of certification system to solve the problem), grid integration due to poor supervision policy repeatedly (suggested to deal with the continuous investment of pilot projects, share best practice knowledge widely, lack of skilled labor) (recommended installation personnel and engineer training program), and network attacks and other threats (recommended the establishment of IT industry alliance, and strengthen the power grid integration cooperation).

At present, we mainly use some of the energy is non renewable energy. And these non renewable energy is related to our normal human survival activities. Therefore, the real use of solar energy to every household, is also a problem that is of great concern.


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