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Solar panel
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Nantong Haoda electric solar panel case

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Solar (Solar Energy): the sun is a huge energy to light radiation in the form of a second launch about 3.8 * 10MW energy into space, with 2 billion 200 million points of projection to the earth, the sun light is absorbed by the atmosphere reflection, there are 70% transmission to the ground. Nevertheless, the earth's solar energy received in the year is still as high as 1.8 * 10kW * H. Since the formation of the earth on the main living with the sun to provide heat and light to survive, and since ancient times, people also know that the sun to dry objects, and as a means of preserving food, such as salt and salted fish, etc.. However, in the reduction of fossil fuels, it is intended to further the development of solar energy. The use of solar energy has passive use (photothermal conversion) and photoelectric conversion in two ways. Solar energy is a new kind of renewable energy. The broad sense of solar energy is a source of energy on earth, such as wind energy, chemical energy, water potential, etc..


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