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Jiangsu Suzhou solar panel case

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Detection and maintenance of solar panels

1, check whether there is damage to the battery board, to be found in a timely manner, timely replacement.

2, check the battery connection line and the ground wire is good contact, whether the phenomenon of falling off.

3, check whether the junction box junction heating phenomenon.

4, check the battery board bracket loose and fracture phenomenon.

5, check the board around the board to clean up the weeds.

6, check the surface of the battery board with no cover.

7, check the guano panels on the surface, cleaned if necessary.

8, the cleanliness of the battery board to identify.

9, windy weather should be focused on the battery board and support inspection.

10, snow days in response to the battery plates were cleared up, avoid the battery plate surface area of frozen snow.

11, heavy rain should check all the water seal is good, there is no leakage phenomenon.

12, check whether there is an animal into the power station to destroy the battery board.

13, hail weather should focus on the surface of the battery board inspection.

14, the battery board temperature detection, compared with the ambient temperature analysis.

15, to check out the problems to be dealt with in a timely manner, analysis, summary.

16, to do a detailed record of each inspection, in order to facilitate future analysis.

17, do analysis summary record and archive.


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