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Anhui goodluck solar controller case

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Is the solar controller drives the lights, change their algorithm, then there is a charge of high efficiency, is what makes time more long, metal shell is a very high density of equipment, but also get a lot of power, is able to control their temperature. Inside the built-in constant current source, the largest output voltage can be 70V so that the maximum time to drive a lot.

In the digital pipe two seats above the control panel, the first is the emergence of the display mode, when the parameters of the second modes is below what work needs direct cases, models and parameters can be displayed is normal, so every time the case is a digital conversion at the same time. Dark when second is above the icon of the situation, the more there is to browse the operating methods need to be adjusted in accordance with the above model, the solar controller that is to send, can stop blinking, if you don't want to run, that can only be set inside the time into 0 can be.


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