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Solar photovoltaic system

1KW off-grid solar power system

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Suitable for daily power consumption:3000WH        Allowable max loads power:1.4KVA
Item No.ModelDescriptionsQTY 
1GSPV320P 320W/36V poly solar panel2 pcs
2GS1KVA-24V30A1000W/24 pure sine wive solar inverter with 
30A/24V MPPT solar charger controller
1 set
3GS-12V150AH-AGM150AH12V AGM solar battery2pcs
4/4 input 2 output DC combiner box1 set
5/1000W whole roof mounting brackets1 set
6/PV cables 16mm² 2m and 4mm² 100m1 roll
7/MC4 connectors10 pairs

solar panels.jpg


●25 years Warranty 

●High conversion efficiency 

 ●Anti-reflective and anti-soiling surface power
loss from dirt and dust

● Excellent mechanical load resistance

●PID Resistant, High salt and ammonia resistance

solar inverter with controller.jpg

Solar Charge Controller

●Both PWM or MPPT can be supplied

●PWM controller 10A to 100A is available with 1 year warranty

●MPPT controller 20A to 200A is available with 3 years warranty

Off-grid Solar Inverter

● 5 years standard warranty
● Max.Efficiency 99.6%,European efficiency 99%
● Integrated DC switch for added safety protection
● Power factor continuously adjustable 
●Transformer-less design and high power density,
off lighter and more convenient installation 
● Flexible communication connection, support RF WIFI 

Solar Battery.jpg

Solar Battery

●Both GEL or AGM solar battery can be supplied

●5 years lifespan

●Battery voltage 12V or 2V

●12V battery up to 250AH

●2V battery up to 1000AH

PV combiner box.png

PV Combiner Box

●Multiple PV strings inputs
●Simplify wiring between PV array and controller

●Protections to controller 
●Thunderstorm& surge protection


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